Banana Scrum 2.21 release notes
Today we have released an update of the Banana Scrum - v.2.21. It is yet another minor release, bringing one new feature - item copying - and some bug fixes.
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Covers the entire Scrum process
Banana Scrum is an on-line Scrum tool that covers the Scrum process in its entirety. Meant to replace project walls and index cards it is digital and networked yet simple and clear.
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Simplicity of a hosted tool
Banana Scrum is hosted on our servers, so there is nothing to set up. Just register your account, then create as many users & projects as you need, populate your backlog and start sprinting in less than 15 minutes. All you need is a modern web browser.
Need more security and privacy? Choose Banana Scrum Pro and run it on your own servers!
Plans and payment options
Currently you can chose from four plans in Banana Scrum, each tailored for different needs: Basic, Standard, Pro and Unlimited. Here is a handy overview of how those plans differ:
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About us

Code Sprinters is a software development company focused on web applications development & agility. Founded by young enthusiasts we have been developing applications for others since 2007, as well as spreading & teaching agile methods - primarily Scrum.


Look here for upcoming Banana Scrum webinars.
In the lastwebinar we focused on Banana Scrum's unique feature: the Timeline. Long term planning in agile projects was also discussed. A recording will be soon posted to the site.